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LEMAC SOLAR inherits the experience and know-how acquired in many years of activity, since 1986, when its founders, La Macchia family, started and kept alive with passion and determination the company that today, with nearly 30 employees, operates successfully in the industrial electrical engineering sector.
Primary company in the engineering, installation and maintenance of industrial, electro-instrumental and pneumatic electrical plants, LEMAC SOLAR aims to offer an expanded and renewed range of services, able to meet the multiple needs of a complex and evolving market.

Expertise, experience and reliability characterisecharacterize LEMAC SOLAR which, thanks to a flexible and dynamic structure, can boast a team of highly qualified engineers able to deal effectively with  problems at 360 degrees, with a view to competitiveness and careful management of costs.

A versatile organisation able to mould on the needs of its own customers, specialised in providing integrated solutions for environments characterised by high risk of explosion and fire, typical of the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

LEMAC SOLAR is also green: complete solutions for the realisation of photovoltaic plants. Thanks to incentives, tax concessions and increased awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, the renewable energy sector is the most important challenge for today’s generations and, above all, for the future ones.


LEMAC SOLAR can rely on a staff group of about 30 employees, including engineers, technical designers, technical employees, specialist installers and administrative staff.

LEMAC SOLAR has identified its staff as the main resource for the company. Supervision, management, execution and audit activities shall be assigned to competent, experienced and adequately trained personnel.

The responsible functions are assigned tasks allowing wide autonomy, flexibility and interchangeability, for greater protection of the clients.

The company even upgrades its employees and cooperators providing them with training and induction courses and spreading of technical, regulatory and safety information.

The company policy provides for personnel exclusively employed by the company and, in case of time limited needs, for the subcontracted work according to the existing legislation.

The design is conceived and developed within the company by a pool of experienced and qualified technicians, able to offer effective design solutions and engineering consultancy able to meet any need in the most varied industrial, and civil context as well as in the energy production from renewable sources.

The work management is entrusted to Area Managers representing the technical interface Company-Customer. By offering their know-how and professional skills, in synergy with the Technical Office, they meet the client needs, assisting them in all stages of the process, from thespecifications acquisition for the offer drawing tothe delivery of the plant “workmanlike” performed in compliance with the regulations.

The site management that includes the coordination of the activities and the staff present on site, is entrusted to a Site Manager who, in possession of the necessary technical-legal requirements, is present in stable and continuous way.

Each site, located in a specific area designated by the Customer, is equipped with all the means, tools and devices necessary to operate in complete autonomy and safety, in compliance with the current technical, safety and hygiene regulations at work.

Special attention is given to safety aspects of the working environment: LEMAC SOLAR has set up an internal prevention and protection service which constantly controls the working environment, promotes activities of training, induction, awareness raising and prevention of risks and accidents.

The service is also active in the control, preventive and extraordinary maintenance of all equipment and PPE provided to staff.

The Management undertakes continuous investments in training, PPE, signage and equipment in compliance with safety regulations, and in a health surveillance programme in agreement with the competent doctor the company refers to.

LEMAC SOLAR provides its staff with all the necessary infrastructure to ensure that the working environment (office, technical office, yard, control board workshop and warehouse) complies with the regulations and at the same time ensures the achievement of the compliance of the services and products offered to the mandatory requirements and the ones requested by the Customer.

The administrative and operational headquarter of LEMAC SOLAR are located in Cernusco sul Naviglio with a total of 700 square meters of offices and covered industrial area (control boards workshop and warehouse).

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