LEMAC SOLAR is specialised in the realisation of high technical content plants in environments characterised by significant risks of explosion and fire. Synergies between the different specialist skills, allow to provide a complete service of consultancy and plant construction in compliance with the strictest regulations in the electric sector.

LEMAC SOLAR is the ideal partner for companies operating in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, agro-food, textile, plastic materials, paints, transport, logistics, research laboratories and manufacturing field.

Industrial electric, electro-instrumental and pneumatic plants, on machine board plants, special plants

Plants in areas with explosion hazard in execution Ɛx (ATEX).

LPS Exterior and SPD interior protection systems against atmospheric discharges, ground electrical installations

Installation and connection of MT control board cabinet, MT/lt transformer cabins, transformers

lt Control boards (power center, distribution, MCC command and control, electro-instrumental, of machine and automation)

Supply and installation of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and generators

Light carpentry works made ad hoc


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