The design and construction of a workmanlike performance electrical plant and its correct use are not sufficient to maintain its characteristics over time, both in terms of efficiency and safety.

The maintenance of an electrical system, which is the result of a precise legal obligation, is the set of activities necessary to preserve the performance and safety characteristics of the plant itself.

Constant maintenance activity is therefore essential to maintain electrical systems in ‘workmanlike’ compliance to reduce operating costs resulting from a production failure due to early plant deterioration, to comply with legal obligations and requirements.

LEMAC SOLAR has all the necessary requirements, experience and competence to carry out corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance of industrial electric, tertiary, civil and renewable sources plants. The range of activities includes a punctual and effective h24 non-stop service.

Technical assistance and preventive, corrective, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

h24 non- stop service, nights and holidays.


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