Deciding to install a photovoltaic system is primarily a responsible choice. Thanks to that, in fact, each of us can make a small contribution to the protection of the environment, significantly reducing the inevitable impact due to the use of non-renewable energy sources, such as oil, coal and nuclear.

The creation of a photovoltaic system also means making an investment, whose fruits can be reaped in the long term, enjoying tax benefits, incentives and real savings on energy consumption.The technological level reached today allows to use a photovoltaic system for over 30 years, since the main component, the photovoltaic module, is hardly subject to faults, the drop in performance over time is small and maintenance costs are very low.

Furthermore, at the end of life, almost all the plant components can be easily disposed of and/or recycled in other processes.

“Only those who are crazy enough to think about changing the world, they do change it.”


The sun and its energy

Photovoltaic technology: cells, photovoltaic modules, inverters and accumulators

Types of plant

The stages for the realisation of a plant


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